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As innovators in the process of printing on acrylic, Artline has perfected our application using specialized high quality processes that are second to none. Our acrylics can be produced in both direct and indirect methods, allowing for the most diverse of applications. Our standard process includes the use of standoffs as the preferred hanging method. Standoffs are provided with each acrylic piece of art or can be purchased separate.

Designer Acrylics: Ideal solutions for textured or embedding materials in acrylic

Acrylic Printing: Artline offers multiple capabilities on printing on acrylic

Transparent Acrylic (Left) and Opaque Acrylic (Right)

Acrylic Piece Concept copyAcrylic Piece Concept Opaque copy

Acrylic_A Acrylic_B Acrylic_C Acrylic_D

When requesting acrylics we recommend following these guidelines:

Our traditional standard sizes are ¼” and ½” applications. We can help you choose the appropriate thickness for your application.

Our standard size sheet of acrylic is 48 x 96 and can be customized to fit your desired size.

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