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Laser Cut Art

Offered in Wood, Metal, or Acrylic

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Bedroom-Roses-lit-panel_LowRes_fs_15  John-Jewell-Ceiling-panels-Moorings-Park-Trio-Rest_600h_fs_40  AAMariott_Quorum_Dallas_branches_panels_fs_13

Artwork is cut into a custom sized material of your choice.  Panels can be used many different ways:

  • Design element directly mounted to walls, ceilings or archways
  • Privacy screens
  • Room divider partitions
  • Return air registers
  • Window coverings and whole lot more

We can scale or modify these artworks, or create a new artwork from your provided sketch or photo.

Standard maximum material size is: 48″ x 96″
Materials can be painted to match the color of your choice

Take a look at the various patterns we offer:



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