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LED light panels

The so-called Light Guide Plate (LGP) is a thin high-tech acrylic plate with a grating pattern of V-grooves or laser dots that have been made computer-controlled. The grating pattern in the acrylic plate is determined separately for each measure and provides a smooth and uniform light output. The light itself is obtained by LED strips with are placed into the side of the acrylic plate. LED lighting works on 12 volts, is very economical, has a long life and is absolutely safe in public space’s!

  • LGP has a thickness of only 6 or 8 mm
  • LGP may be placed in different frames
  • LGP has high light output
  • The light color of the LED lighting is 6300K
  • High quality Cree LED is used in the LGP
  • Cree LED is maintenance free and long life
  • LGP is also available for double sided

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