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Artline provides full service custom mirror solutions. Our mirrors are framed to cater to the exact size specified for your project. They are fully customizable with frames which can match your artwork solutions and decor.

Lighted Mirrors: We offer a full range of LED lighted mirrors in either 2 Side or 4 Side option (custom designs available as well).

Bluetooth, Clock, and many other options for lighted mirrors are available upon request


Mirror Patterns: From Antique Mirrors to Texture Mirror Glass to Custom Text or Design Printing in the mirrors.  Artline can customize the mirror glass design to suite your design needs

When requesting mirrors we recommend following these guidelines:

We size mirror solutions to match your desired space. Our mirrors are sized using the overall dimensions including the frame. All you have to do is provide the size of your desired space and we will provide you with the overall size including the frame.

Please click here to view our popular frame options.  If there is a style of frame you would like for your design, our team and create the color and style of the frame based on your requirements.

Click here to locate your local sales representative or one of our project managers for more details.