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Mission Statement:
Artline Group is a company committed to highest performance of quality products in the healthcare, government and hospitality marketplace. Artline Group participates actively in national and regional shows for both marketing purposes, as well as support of its experienced national field sales team.   An in-house staff, some with up to 30 years of industry experience, provides the connecting link to the success of this growing business.

With a rich history as a street vendor selling art in the city that never sleeps, Danny Potente determined to start his own company in 1978. With a focus on healthcare and through tireless networking and perseverance, he laid the foundation for what became known as Artline Wholesalers.

For Artline, 1993 was a year to be remembered.  In that milestone year, Danny Potente met and hired a young man with no industry experience, Puneet Bhasin, to join his company.   With Danny as his mentor, the two traveled the country coast to coast – exhibiting at trade shows, establishing key accounts, becoming approved for government contracts, developing new innovative products for new markets – always pursuing new art and development opportunities.

Today, with Puneet Bhasin as President, and founder Danny Potente as CFO, Artline has become a leader in the industry, with a national sales team focused on healthcare, hospitality and government markets.  In 2011, the company moved from its main 500 sq. ft. office space into a new 2500 sq. ft. corporate office and established satellite offices in Colorado and California.

This company, with such humble beginnings, has grown into a leader in the industry while continually striving for quality product and customer service.

As a bold step forward, Artline Wholesalers has transformed and re-branded its look under the name Artline Group.  Artline Wholesalers still remains, but as a reflection of our adaptability, Artline Group has emerged from the seed of change, still holding to the traditions and quality expected under the Artline brand.